Why Learner Drivers Fail

It is always easy to blame someone for the fact you did not meet the standard required on your driving test. 

Learn Driving Skills will advise when you are ready for your practical test, if you book when your instructor says you are ready, you have a much higher chance of passing. 

Your instructor will have the experience, knowledge and training to teach you properly and ensure that you are ready. 

You need to be achieving the standard consistently otherwise you are not ready to take the test. You will be give more than one mock test to assess your ability prior to going to test. 

Below are the top ten reasons why candidates fail: 

Moving away safely 
Poor observations. 
Observations at junctions 
Poor observations and poor judgement. 
Lack of steering control 
Steering too early or steering late. 
Reverse Parking 
Poor observations and a lack of accuracy. 
Incorrect positioning on the road 
At roundabouts or on bends. 
Use of Mirrors 
Not checking or not acting correctly with the information you see in them. 
Reversing around a corner 
Ineffective observations and a lack of accuracy. 
Incorrect positioning to turn right 
At junctions and on one way streets. 
Incorrect use of signals 
Not cancelling or give misleading signals. 
Inappropriate Speed 
Travelling too slowly or being hesitant.